Sunday, October 28, 2007

I still believe

In the Rockies that is. I know they are down 3-0, but I still think they could come back and make it a series. They have Aaron Cook on the hill tonight and I think they are going to come uot ready to play, well I hope they will.

Let's go you Rockies!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Well, after having been living in the land of fires for the past few days, I have a few observations. First, you always hope for some time off from normal life and then when it comes boredom sets in pretty quick. I read most everyhting that I have in my house, and now it's time for life to get back to normal!

I have been challenged by my pastor lately to see this as a time when a lot of ministry can be done. What a refreshing perspective! I think I needed that. All that I was see was devistaion all around me and it was nice for someone to remind me that God can still work through situations like this. Not only can he work through situations like this, but he often does. People this weekend may be more open to God than they have been in years. What an opportunity we have to share with them the only hope in the world.

More thoguhts to follow...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Veggie Tales... well, sort of

The other night I had the chance to go and hear Phil Vischer speak. He is the guy who wrote veggie tales. When I heard that he was speaking I thought that I was going to get a talk about releasing my inner creativity, or how to tell a good story... but what I got was a stripped bare, honest look at what it feels like when God kills your dream.

Phil is an interesting guy and because Veggie Tales has sold hundreds of millions of copies I figured his ministry was flourishing. Turns out his production company had to declare bankrupcy. The question he posed during his message was, what do you do when you have a dream and God blesses that dream, and then he kills it? That was a tough question for me to answer. The conclusion he drew was that God wants to know that He is more important to us than the work we are doing for Him. He used the example in scripture of Abrham and Isaac.

I was challenged and encouraged. I know that there are many times that the vision God has given me for ministry has become more important to me than a relationship with God. My thanks to Veggie Tales for the reminder of what's really important.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Let's get started

Well, I've given in to peer preasure and I'm going to start blogging. Brace yourself for a view into my head. It might be scary at times! On this blog I will post some thoughts about God, life, culture, sports, and anything else that is going on in my life. Hope you enjoy!