Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I went for a run today and as I was running I had the chance to watch a little bit of President Obama's Inauguration Parade. I have heard that between 1-2 million showed up for this historic event. No matter where you stand on the election of Obama as President, you have to admit that this is a historic day - a day that a lot of people thought would never come; when we would have an African American as the president of the United States. While I am convinced that the election of Obama will in no way shape or form solve all of our problems (as is exhibited by the stock market dropping a staggering 350 pts today), I do sense that there is a renewed hope and excitement for what the future might hold.

One of the things that I like about Obama is that he was willing to have Rick Warren pray at the inauguration - a move that he received a ton of flack for from his Liberal counterparts, and a move that Warren received flack for from the conservatives. We all know that Warren and Obama don't stand together on all the issues, but it is great to see people who aren't clones of each other have a mutual respect and admiration for one another. I hope that this move sets the tone for the way that Obama will proceed with his presidency.

One final thought on the election of Obama. I wish celebrities would shut the heck up. Just because I'll pay to watch you act in a movie doesn't mean I care a lick about you political views. I'm tired of hearing celebrities who have a platform because they have been in movies talking about things that they have no expertise in whatsoever! That's for free!

That's all I have!

Friday, January 16, 2009

There's probably no god...

I saw this article a few days ago highlighting a new ad campaign in England. (Here is a link to the news-article in the BBC newspaper) The goal of the campaign is to place on the sides of at least 60 buses around England the phrase, "There's probably no god, now stop worrying and enjoy your life."    

While I don't think the campaign will be highly successful (probably about as successful as Christian advertising on buses), I do think it will make people think a little bit. To be honest I think that this is the way that the majority of people live anyway, even many of those who call themselves followers of Christ. I think when it comes down to the way that we live on a daily basis, I think this ad might describe us better than "taking up our cross and following Christ."

The second thing that stands out to me about this ad is the word 'probably'. "There's probably no god..." It's almost as though the people that created the ad (Richard Dawkins and friends) are admitting that this assertion they make has gaping incongruencies in it. Not exactly strong advertising. 

Anyway, I thought that it was interesting. Hope it makes you think. If the trends hold, these ads will be on buses in the US in the next 20 years (we're about that far behind Europe). 

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beautiful day

This just in... it is already summer time in San Diego! I love it. I am sitting on the patio of a coffee shop, studying for this Sunday's message, enjoying the fact that it is 83 degrees in January. I love my life!

Lately I have just been really grateful to God for how good he has been for me. I am enjoying life a ton and can't wait for the next phase... fatherhood! Thank you Lord for your goodness to me.

Monday, January 12, 2009


We had a retreat this weekend for The Well. If you missed it, you missed out! It was a great time. I think my favorite part of the weekend was seeing our group really bond together. We did a lot of playing and it was so fun to see groups mingle and people hang out with people that they didn't previously know.

The second highlight was the band. They really did a good job leading us in worship.

After this weekend I am reminded how grateful I am to serve God, to serve him with people that I truly love, and to serve people that I truly love and care about. I'm very tired today, but very grateful for the life God has given me and the calling that he has given me.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Worship Class

This quarter I get to take a class on worship. After having the first session last night, I am really excited about the class - what we are going to read and the discussions that we are going to have during class. Last night the prof handed out a quote by Erwin McManus. Erwing wrote:

"A church near the beaches of Santa Monica gathers each week with the ten remaining members whose average age is at best in its seventies. They cannot decide what to do. They are paralyzed by fear of death and the lack of life. Around the country, churches that were once over a thousand in attendance have literally ceased to exist... The only way church buildings stay filled through generations is if the church lives and dies and is born again over and over."

I love this quote by Erwin McManus, but to be honest I am a little bit scared of what it means for my future as a leader. I am sure that it means that at some point in my life as a pastor it will mean that I will have to kill soemthing that I really like, that I may even conect with, for the sake of reaching more people for the gospel. My hope is that I am mature enough to make that move and that I have led well enough, that when it is time, people will follow.

Great start to the class,

Friday, January 2, 2009

The best invention of all-time?

I can't believe I have lived 28 years without one of these. You have to check this video out. It's a real commercial!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Reasons I'm Excited for '09

As I sit here watching the Rose Bowl on the first day of 2009, I am fairly confident that no previous year will bring as much change to my life as this year. I say this knowing that in 2007 Kelly and I moved from our longtime home of Colorado to Southern California. In 2002 I married the love of my life (a great and a drastic life change). But, I'm not sure that any of them will rival 2009. In 2009 we will welcome our first child into the world. From what I hear, my life will never be the same. I can't wait! That's the #1 thing that I am excited about for '09.

Other things seem to pale in comparison, but I'll throw out a few other things that I'm looking forward to:
  • Seeing The Well go to the next level. I'm excited to focus my time this year on equipping student leaders and helping students connect with each other. We are going to make an impact on campuses in '09!
  • Running a marathon. 2009 is the year that I am going to run a marathon. May 31st baby!
  • Finish my MDIV at Seminary. It's going to be a heck of a push, but I'm going to give it my best.
I don't think I have ever been this excited for a New Year. Bring it on 2009. Bring it on!